2024 Latin America II Team


2024 Institutional Investor’s Latin America II Team

Dear Investors,

We, the team here at Eletromidia, are participating in the Institutional Investor Ranking. If you believe we have performed well in 2023, I invite you to cast your vote, as it would be incredibly valuable and constructive to us. It should not take more than 10 minutes of your time. The survey will conclude on March 19th; please submit your feedback by then: Link: https://voting.institutionalinvestor.com/


  1. Upon entering the ballot or voting platform, please select CEO, CFO, and Investor Relations Professional, IR Program, IR Team, and ESG program in the voting category.
  2. List your top companies with executive and IR (Investor Relations) experience.
  3. Evaluate the Investor Relations program from 1 to 5 across different IR activities.
  4. Rate the CEO, CFO, and IR Professional on three evaluation criteria.
  5. Rate Individuals or members of the IR Team from 1 to 5.

We sincerely appreciate your vote, as it will help us gain recognition for our hard work and dedication.

Thank you in advance.