Who We Are and Our History

Who we are

Electromidia is an Out-Of-Home (OOH) media outlet that connects major brands to 22 million people at different times of their day. Whether on the street, in transportation, elevators in commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls, or airports, our mission is to transform the environments where we provide information, convenience, and new experiences for the public and so create opportunities for the advertising trade.

With more than 60,000 points of contact based on static and digital street furniture in 18 Brazilian states, our model combines the impact and reach of traditional OOH media with innovative technology solutions, providing an integrated media platform for urban journeys, ready to address every communications challenge.

As a result, we lead movements and trends, because we know what people and brands want: relevant connections.

Our history

The new Electromidia is the result of the merger between two large companies in the OOH sector: Elemidia and Eletromidia.

Elemidia was acquired by H.I.G. Capital, a global leader in private equity investments in midsize companies, with more than $ 35 billion of capital under management, which allocated resources to its investee, Eletromidia, to do the deal. Before that, Elemidia had been owned by the private equity fund Victoria Capital Partners and, under the management of the fund the company grew by about 30% in net revenue year after year. From 2013 to 2019, Electromidia grew by more than 700%.

Eletromidia and Elemidia have the broadest combined network of OOH media assets in Brazil, in residential and commercial buildings, shopping centers, in transportation, airports, and urban furniture segments. They can therefore provide their customers – agencies and advertisers – with the option to run more creative, technological campaigns, with unique coverage. Elemidia offers programmatic options on its digital platform, using big data and geolocation which lead to impactful deliveries and customized action created with the agencies right from the planning stage. The companies propose to multiply this power of delivery with more technology and targeting, using Eletromidia’s potential and reach to go to the next level.