Our Vertical Products

We have a unique portfolio, combining scale in prominent locations with a high degree of attractiveness for advertisers. In Elemidia’s 2019 pro-forma fiscal year, the Transportation segment accounted for 53% of our consolidated revenue, followed by 26% from the Elevator segment, 9% from the Shopping center segment, 8% from airports, and 5% from the streets. In addition, our inventory, including approximately 54,000 panels, both digital and static, comprised 23,900 panels in transport, 18,300 panels in elevators, 1,500 panels in shopping centers 8,200 airport panels, and 900 street panels.


100% – rail transport in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador

Reach: Your brand in major transportation systems reaching diverse audiences.

Impact: Formats that follow journeys and greater flexibility for special projects.

Recurrence: the possibility of being present in your audience’s daily life while on the move.


The largest digital media operation in commercial and residential buildings.

Focus: Relevant content for people while they are waiting, creating more focus.

Targeting: Different audiences – such as families, decision-makers, and influencers, in addition to the B2B universe.

Geolocation: Strategic communication driving your campaign according to locations of interest.

Shopping centers

90-plus of the main shopping centers in Brazil

Reach: High flow of people with high purchasing power.

Targeting: Diverse audiences and profiles.

Mindset: Being present at a time when the audience wants even more products and services.


Three major airports, one of which is the second-busiest international airport in Brazil.

Qualification: an audience with greater purchasing power and consumption potential

Longer contact time: greater attention caused by forced waiting and the search for entertainment

Impact: high impact screens that attract attention and communicate your message.


The largest media operation in newsstands in the country, on gables, billboards and more recently we began the TemBici media operation.

Coverage: presence in strategic points in cities for a new experience and brand presence.

Visibility: being on people’s journeys when they are more active and responsive.

Impact: high impact screens for your campaign to stand out and create more engagement.